We can saddle-break your horse.

We think it is important that horses are  started in a proper way.

That is why we always work with great care

and patience.

To introduce these horse in a pleasant and responsible way to material, saddle and rider.

We continue this way of thinking in the training for young horses. In this training we proceed according to the principles of the "Training Scale ".

These classical principles may be better known to dressage riders.

We are convinced that this is of equal  importance with jumping horses.

By systematically following these principles, the horses are trained in a correct way.

This keeps the horses both physically and mentally healthy and you will get an equine  athlete who is in great shape!

That makes our training extremely suitable for both jumping and dressage horses.

Summarized, our training is an excellent start for every horse.

first time under the saddle / Training of young horses

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